Good Evening SHEO Members,
On October 9th, the Province of Ontario introduced new regulations that apply to
Ottawa’s arena ice pads. Ice Pads were to be used only for training and drills, with no scrimmages or competitive play permitted.  This included limiting the number of players on the ice, no spectators, no use of the dressing rooms unless for first aid or storage and that all participants had to arrive dressed. They also requested that to limit the risk of spreading COVID-19 to areas where case counts are low, people and sporting teams are urged not to travel to other cities or locales for team play or fitness activities.   
With this being said, the board has met and decided that it is in the best interest for all of our organization that we delay the original start date of Nov 1 st 2020 until further notice. At this time we feel SHEO must continue to do our part in the community to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We as an organization understand how important Sledge Hockey is to our members and will continue to monitor the situation closely.
More updates to follow as they become available.
We hope all of our members stay safe during these difficult times and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

-SHEO Board of Directors


Sledge Hockey of Eastern Ontario is an association made up of athletes, their families, coaches and volunteers who take part in a wonderful sport called sledge hockey (also named “sled hockey” by our friends from the USA). 


Opportunity for disabled and

able-bodied athletes to play side by side.

​​​Sledge Hockey Of Eastern Ontario


Upon request, we are happy to 

organize the opportunity for your organization to try sledge.

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Opportunity to compete and develop as a player in a safe and fun environment.