Sunday January 28/18
No Ice/Cancel
Tuesday January 30/18

2017/2018 Registration:

The Game Schedule

Ottawa Senators Intermediate 'A' Team

The Ice Schedule

After playing two games on Friday and two games on Saturday, The Ottawa sledge team found there selves in 2nd spot overall going for the gold medal game on Sunday in the Cruisers Cup tournament.

On Sunday the Ottawa sledge team were in tough against Kawartha. Ottawa loss the game to Kawartha in a three on three overtime 2 to 1. To check out all of the scores click here

About the Program 

​The Intermediate program is geared to the player with experience and skill who would like to participate in a competitive program.  This includes 2 ice sessions a week (Tuesday’s and Sunday’s).  Weeks where there are no games, the Intermediates will use both sessions as practice time.  The focus being on plays, skills and conditioning.  Players in this program range from players who’ve played for a year, to players who’ve been playing for decades!  The intermediate 'B' team competes in the OSHA Tier A Intermediate league against teams from Buffalo, Niagra, Durham and Kawartha.  The program emphasizes competitive play, skill development and fun!

Cruiser Cup Tournament 2017