John Jacobs


Mia Van Bemmel


Alain Bazinet

Director of Finance

Brian Lonz

Sledge Development Program Coordinator

Amanda Harris

Open Division Program Coordinator

Michelle Desrocher

Intermediates Division Program Coordinator

Tyrone Henry

House League Coordinator

Doug  Okeefe

Director of Risk and Safety

Jeremy Doherty


Chelsey Richer

- Established as OCSHIP (Ottawa-Carleton Sledge Hockey and Ice Picking) in 1982

- Issued letters patent as Ontario Corporation Number 855897 on April 5,1990

- A member of the Ottawa District Hockey Association (ODHA) Branch of Hockey Canada in 2004

- Associate member of the National Capital Sports Council for the Disabled (NCSCD)

- Players are from Ottawa and the surrounding area including: Almonte, Beachburg, Bourget, Casselman, Cornwall, Gatineau, Lunenburg, Morewood, Rockland, Thurso, and Winchester

- Current roster of 50 to 80 players in three divisions

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Quick facts

​​​Sledge Hockey Of Eastern Ontario

Who is Sheo?

Sledge Hockey of Eastern Ontario is an association made up of athletes, their families, coaches and volunteers who take part in a wonderful sport called sledge hockey (also named “sled hockey” by our friend from the USA). The association has a long history dating back about 30 years. Initially, the Ottawa-Carleton Sledge Hockey and Ice Picking Association (OCSHIP) organised the sport in the region when ice picking races were held out of doors, eventually, playing sledge hockey became the predominant sport given the interest and the increased availability of arenas.

Sheo's goals

  • To plan, promote and encourage participation in the sport of sledge hockey
  • To facilitate the integration of all athletes, together with persons facing physical and developmental challenges
  • To contribute to the development of the sport of sledge hockey and equipment for players

Our Board of Directors

The Basics

Sledge Hockey is a team sport that disabled and non-disabled participants can play on an equal basis. Sledge hockey conforms to the rules and form of traditional hockey. The skills required to control and propel the sledge adds a new element of excitement and challenge to a game already well known for its fast pace and outstanding team work. In sledge hockey the athlete sits low to the surface of the ice on top of a tubular frame. Metal runners serving as skates are attached to the underside of the sled. Picks are used to propel the players across the ice and are also used to pass the puck. Athletes wear the same hockey equipment as authorized by the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association.Type your paragraph here.